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Smart ioT key-less padlock

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what is a Lokie Smart ioT key-less padlock


Lokie - padlock is part of a  global enterprise providing  real-time tracking, analysis, monitoring, & security ioT solutions 

where data & security meet
100% wireless access control
on duty 24/7/365
built -in  Cellular /bluetooth lte/  GPS
now 4 x more processing  8 x increased memory
no external battery required

  •  remote sites

  • utilities

  • trucking

  • warehouse

  • transportation

  • shipping

  • food production

  • logistics

  • governments

  • municipalities

  • air/sea ports

  • military

  • police

  • farms

  • universities

  • construction

  • medical labs

  • containers

Who can use a Lokie Smart ioT key-less padlock

Access Control feature turns Lokies

into a one-of-a-kind intelligent management tool that keeps a full log of when it was opened, for how long, & by whom. 

  • An innovative IoT based padlock

  • 100% remote operational

  • Zero keys required - zero keyways to destroy

  • Advanced Bluetooth connectivity allows end users to identify/manage multiple users with different access authorizations.

Benefits Lokie Smart ioT key-less padlock 

  • reporting in real time - who what when where how & why

  • links to aux bluetooth sensors like  temp/humidity for full reporting

  • build your own custom shackle as long as needed

  • know in real time even if lock is breached 

  • no more keys to lose copy distribute

  • set GEO fencing (if moved out of preset coordinates) 

  • set specific events (the lock will only open if all the  conditions are met)

  • multiple depts can utilize the same lock - different reporting

 2 piece Lokie Smart ioT key-less padlock kit

  • 2 padlocks

  • 2 standard shackles

  • 1 flex shackle

  • 2 world sim cards  

  • 2 power supplies & cables  

  • 12 months of online service

  • 12 months of warranty 

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