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Smart handsfree sliding door kit 
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outdoor cooking



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Autoslide is designed to be a universal, easy to install product that retrofits to your existing sliding doors. The patented Autoslide system is based on a simple “rack and pinion” design. Toothed tracks are attached to the active door panel and then the Autoslide uses a cog that meshes into the tracks to push and pull your sliding door. To power the Autoslide, simply plug it into a regular wall outlet.

  • Easy 2 Piece Track / Track System

  • Aluminium Cover and Indicator Lights for 4 different Modes

  • 24V Motor with gear(cog)

  • Simple one-step Sensor Learn Button

  • 8 Dipswitches for Different Settings/Functions

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The Autoslide iLock features an automatic locking door motor. No more hassles of having to use your manual sliding door lock.

The Autoslide iLock System will keep your door locked anytime the Autoslide is enabled in Normal or Pet Mode when the door is closed

Pet Doors

Need A Pet Door? Don’t Cut A Hole In The Door. Automate Your Existing Sliding Door Instead!

The Autoslide system was designed with pet owners in mind. Our automatic patio door openers have a built-in Pet Mode that will allow your pet to automatically enter and exit your home independently.

Your automatic pet door kit includes two wireless push buttons for human use and one of three different pet door activation options: RFID Collar Tags, Pet IR Motion Sensors, or Pet Doormats.

The Autoslide Pet Mode can be programmed to open your door just wide enough for your pet to fit through the it and it can only be triggered to open with an Autoslide pet sensor. And don’t worry, the provided wall buttons will still open your patio doors up to the full width for people while the Autoslide is in Pet Mode.

For times when you do not want your pets to activate the patio door to open, simply switch the Autoslide into the Normal Mode. This will allow access for people but not pets.

For added security, you can upgrade your Autoslide Pet Door system by adding the iLock feature. The iLock Motor will automatically lock and unlock your sliding patio door when it closes and opens. Pairing the iLock Motor with the K9 Smart Tag Kit, and its secure RFID technology, provides the most secure pet door available for purchase.

  • Electric locking High security electric locking can be integrated with existing smart locking system.

  • Hand-wave Sensor Wall mounted touchless sensor can be used to open doors via radio transmission or hard wired.

  • Wireless Numeric Keypad Digital keypads allows access to people whilst the doors are locked.

  • Wireless Remote Control Hand held remote controls can open and close doors plus secure them locked and change all different modes.

  • Activation Sensors Microwave adjustable sensor with motion detection for door activation.

  • Safety Sensors Overhead mounted safety infrared sensor, which can detect any obstruction to the door while opening or closing. (Available in hard wired and wireless).

  • RFID Smart Pendant RFID transmitter (Creditcard RFID), attached to a keyring or mounted to a wheelchair activate the Autoswing Operating system up to three meters, no action required, giving limited and easy access to users.

  • Lithim Battery UPS State of the art Lithium battery maintains a higher voltage recharge rate and low loss ratio by comparison to lead-acid or alkaline batteries thus producing four times the performance with longer user life in a smaller and lighter product. The specially designed battery housing makes it easy to remove for recharging. 

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