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This container is protected by a Smart keyless ioT Lokie Padlock

                                 if this container: 

  • if contained frozen items and something happened ...

  • if the shackle was breached ...

  • if the lock was unlocked at 3:00 am ...

  • if the container was moved beyond it's Geofence...

  • if the lock was unlocked how long was it unlocked...

  • if this container needed to be unlocked remotely...

Cellular connectivity & satellite positioning for product  monitoring from  anywhere in the world


picture this!

industries using 

* construction
* shipping/warehouse
* logistics
* military
* municipalities
* air/sea ports
* farms/remote areas
* public utilities 
* food manufactures
* schools/universities


Lokies Smart Keyless Padlock  won first place in the DHL Smart Guard Challenge  of logistics & security   June 2021.


Fast & Reliable Real-Time Data
who what when why how

  •  the smartest and most unique padlock in the world today!

  • An innovative IoT based padlock which can be opened remotely.

  • doesn’t require a key 

  •  advanced Bluetooth connectivity

  •  identify and manage multiple users with different access authorizations

Access control

  •  Access Control feature turns Lokies into a one-of-a-kind intelligent management tool

  • keeps a full log of when it was opened, for how long, and by whom.



  • never used before security

  • no electricity  or wiring required.

  • It comes with a revolutionary shackle which detects any breach.

  •  it can be equipped with a flexible shackle, giving the option to use one padlock in a setting which previously demanded multiple padlocks

           order sample kit

contains the following:

2 Lokie smart ioT keyless padlock

1 steel shackle

1 flex shackle 

2 chargers

2 external batteries (rechargeable)

2 world global sim 

2 programming /charging usb-c cables

3 months pre paid web application service  (including maps event generator and reports) 

door to door shipping 

1 year warranty from invoice date

award winning padlock 4G built in communication/GPS/accelerometer/ custom build your own shackle 

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301 327 0095 

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