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smart solutions for a SECURE world 

Meet your new key ring

  • unlock remotely

  • assign temperary codes 

  • track the who what when where & how 

  • 100% access control 

  • change permission instantly 

smart iot keyless padlocks for remote Access


we have solutions 

smart key-less ioT padlock with built in GPS/bluetooth/ cellular technologies trackable 24/7- build your own custom shackle - report back in real time -  moved/ cut/ dropped/ breached/

          these locks are master story tellers!

 The who  what  when where why and the how

 tell you where they are and where they have been

Nexkey makes traditional locks obsolete with our innovative approach to access control 
for a fraction of the cost and installation  time 
*instantly add/subtract key users
  employees contractors residents 
*limit/restrict access by person
place or time 
*remotely  unlock doors  single/multiple locations

*audit log of everyone who enters 

end of traditional metal keys cards fobs

                  your  phone is your key

 No more fumbling around looking for the right key. Unlock any door with your phone or Apple Watch. 


secure and versatile smart deadbolt offering  

keyless entry via your Bluetooth enabled smartphone and code.

You can share temporary codes and Ekeys to your friends and guests for scheduled access.


The Bridge upgrade allows you to control the access to your door while you're away from your home and monitor all activity remotely

5n1 smart dead bolt solution

key pad


bluetooth (WIFI with bridge)

metal key

magic shake

Share temporary access & monitor from anywhere in the world.

*With the Ultraloq Bridge




solutions for safety & personal security

secure cellphone Technologytalk freely & securely

covert bullet proof back pack

that instantly converts into a front vest

covert light weight sleeveless bullet proof vest

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smart solutions for a SECURE world