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smart solutions for a SECURE world 
easier for you  harder for "THEM"

Cellular connectivity and satellite positioning for product  monitoring from  anywhere in the world  

Advanced Access Control features in each unit

User Identification – Authorized users can receive exclusive access.

•Position Management – The padlock will only open in designated areas.
For example, delivery trucks will be unlocked only within the customer’s
warehouse and only by  authorized personnel.

Time Management – You can restrict the padlock to be opened only
during the store/factory opening hours.


Breach detection – A unique technology to detect any breach or cutting of the shackle.


Flexibility – An option for a flexible shackle in any desired length.

IoT capabilities and BLE connectivity – Can connect to nearby sensors


With a mobile access control system from Nexkey, you'll unlock tools to help you run your business more efficiently. Manage employees and visitors, get insights on occupancy and space utilization, and message individuals or groups of people, all through the Nexkey platform 

Nexkey makes traditional locks obsolete with our innovative approach to access control for a fraction of the cost and installation  time

secure and versatile smart  keyless deadbolt 

multiple ways to unlock

WiFI  & bluetooth

pass code (special no peak) 

finger print

metal key (back up) 


share temporary codes and Ekeys with friends/guests/employees