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Airy Dining Room

    SMART access/egress    
    door automation/remote controllable
    keyless/security solutions     

where Data & Security meet

  Smart ioT key-less padlock

  • 100% access control on duty 24/7/365

  • 100% keylesss/remote unlocking

  • Cellular/GPS/Bluetooth technologies =

  • real time reporting even if breached+

  • moved/dropped/unlocked for too long

  • link to aux sensors (temp/humidity)

  • build your own custom shackle 

  • all the who what when where how & why

 SMART  door security/technology

     remote controllable/hands free

     both swing and sliding doors 

  • hands free unlock & open door seamlessly

  • control via  Bluetooth app for Android and iOS devices ( gateway available for remote access)

  • quick intergration with third party electric strikes/maglocks

  • perfect solution for  aged/infirmed/disibilities 


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