MASADA Bulletproof Backpack offering both

Front & Back

Full Body Armor

Converts To Bulletproof Vest (IIIA) in seconds 

MASADA bulletproof backpack is best for people who want to completely conceal the bulletproof features.  
within seconds - pull out the frontal vest
no changes to backpack- now bullet proof front & back.  Additional pockets can be added 

MASADA Bulletproof Backpack Front and Back Full Body Armor Converts to Bulletproof Vest (IIIA) Features

  • The bulletproof backpack is suitable for students, security guards, VIP (children version is coming soon…)

  • Easy and fast opening from backpack to the protective vest! (less than 2 sec’.)

  • Easy and fast shoulder adjustment of the backpack

  • Enhanced comfort and freedom of movement with the backpack

  • 3D mesh material to move moisture away from your back and shoulders

  • Waist belt – to reduce weight from your shoulders

  • Well-padded shoulder straps- distribute weight evenly

carry your gear & protect your life

Protects Against Most Handgun Threats

  • .40 S&W FMJ

  • .22 LR

  • .38 ACP

  • .45 ACP

  • 9 mm

  • .357 Magnum

  • .357 SIG

  • .44 Magnum

  • 12 ga. Shotgun rounds

  • Shrapnel

  • Knife slashing

Inside the Masada Backpack are two IIIA plates. One to protect your back and one to protect your front. Now, you may ask how something on your back can protect your front? Well, that’s easy. Inside a somewhat hidden compartment is what’s essentially the front of a tactical vest. There are two quick deploy tabs that are pulled, and then the user can pull a panel over their head and secure it to the front of their body.