Bulletproof Backpack offering both

Front & Back

Full Body Armor

Converts To Bulletproof Vest (IIIA) in seconds 

MASADA bulletproof backpack is best for people who want to completely conceal the bulletproof features.  
within seconds - pull out the frontal vest
no changes to backpack- now bullet proof front & back.  Additional pockets can be added 

carry your gear & protect your life

Protects Against Most Handgun Threats

  • .40 S&W FMJ

  • .22 LR

  • .38 ACP

  • .45 ACP

  • 9 mm

  • .357 Magnum

  • .357 SIG

  • .44 Magnum

  • 12 ga. Shotgun rounds

  • Shrapnel

  • Knife slashing

MASADA Bulletproof Backpack Front and Back Full Body Armor Converts to Bulletproof Vest (IIIA) Features

  • The bulletproof backpack is suitable for students, security guards, VIP (children version is coming soon…)

  • Easy and fast opening from backpack to the protective vest! (less than 2 sec’.)

  • Easy and fast shoulder adjustment of the backpack

  • Enhanced comfort and freedom of movement with the backpack

  • 3D mesh material to move moisture away from your back and shoulders

  • Waist belt – to reduce weight from your shoulders

  • Well-padded shoulder straps- distribute weight evenly