industries using Lokies smart iot key-less padlocks

water/oil pipelines
limit or restrict access
restrict & secure access
power plants/ utilities
limit or restrict access
off site construction
protect tools/ equipment and off sites
follow your vehicle everywhere
restrict areas
Secure and restrict access
air/sea ports
limit or restrict access
limit or restrict access plus
link to auxiliary sensors such as temp/humidity
mobile assets
limit or restrict access
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  • 100% DIY access control

  • Zero keys to  copy/distribute

  • Remote access

  • Satellite track able  24/7

  • GPS/Bluetooth/Cellular 

  •  technologies built in    

  • Limit /restrict access  

  • Communications in Real Time

  • Custom shackle to fit the job

  • (Reports back if any breach)

  • Additional rechargeable batteries can be added

  • Network with auxiliary sensors for more enhanced security